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Description of types of Homas/Prayers done for various Deities

Sri Nagabooshani Ambal is the goddess known as "mother of the snakes". Worshiping her will remove any obstacles in life, clear one’s planet, bring peacefulness and prosperity in one’s life. This temple promotes both Hinduism and its culture as well as promoting multiculturalism. Allowing diverse ethnic groups to get together. To present 2014, the temple has grown tremendously with many devotees from various places and ethnic backgrounds, who come to offer respect and worship Sri Nagabooshani Devi in order to get her blessing.

This temple has all the deities, providing easy access for people to pray. For detailed descriptions of various deities (gods/goddess) at our temple, please CLICK "Services" "Deities"

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Description of types of Homas/Prayers done for various Deities

Are you facing problems that keeps building-up? Regardless of the nature of the problem, with proper prayer and worship, I can help. For each problem, there is a SPECIFIC DEITY and SPECIFIC PRAYER associated with it. "You might be asking yourself: How do I find out about which god and prayer suitable for me?"

The "Answer is simple":

This is why I, Sri Kandaswamy Gurukkal, is there for you to provide you with the guidance necessary for you to overcome any problems in your path. Please contact me. Since each person and problem is individualized, I read your "horoscope" to see which god(s)/planet(s) are affecting you prior to providing solution(s).

Please bring your horoscope. If not, then have the [Date/Time/Place of Birth] information available.

Languages spoken:

  • English
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

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Religious Services ,Psychic Reading, Astrology and Family Counseling

RELIGIOUS SERVICES: PRAYERS/HOMAS is done by Sri Kandaswamy priest, where swamy performs homas/prayers for various deities. For further details, please see types of Homas/Deities under "services".

PSYCHIC FACE READING is done by Sri Kandaswamy Swami-ji on Tuesdays/Friday morning from 10:00 A.M. until 12:00 noon). Devotees line up based on their time of arrival to have a one:one consultation with swami-ji regarding any problems. Swamy reads people inner thoughts/problems and provides solutions to their problems.


Sri Kandaswamy Priest also performs/conducts Hindu Wedding Ceremonies and is also licensed to do marriage registration.


Swami reads chart, write charts and matches horoscope. For these services please call (416) 412-1289 and make an appointment in advance. Please feel comfortable in discussing any concerns/problems that you are having as swamy-ji is there for you and will guide you in the right path for your problems.

For further information, click the link "Services "on the top of menu.


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